Tram Stop 1 – The School of Mark Le Messuirer

“Embarking on a Journey of Enchantment: Mark Le Messurier at Tram Stop 1 “Journey to Imagination: Hayley’s Tram Tales with Mark  “A New Chapter Begins: Unveiling the First Stop on Our Magical Tram Journey “Postcards from the Magical Journey: Celebrating the First Stop with Mark! A Special Stop ‘The School of Mark Le Messurier’ In […]

When something exciting arrives in Adelaide.- Television makes for a busy day.

Back in the days of the MTT (Municipal Tramways Trust) you needed to be a tram driver before you could be promoted to bus driver. One day ‘The Magic Tram’ wouldn’t start for 647 and a passenger exclaimed to 647,  “You’ll never make a bus driver!” In this video/blog 647 talks about a special day […]

My Friend Gabbi Reflects on the Tea Tree Gully Youth Achievement Awards 2023

Recently, I nominated my friend, Hayley Frazer, for the Tea Tree Gully Youth Awards 2023. Hayley Frazer is an amazing South Australian young writer, an inspiration, and an amazing individual. Her passion for telling stories, her courage, and her kindness should not be overlooked. In the past 3 years, she has worked tirelessly to publish […]

“See The Kindness” A book launch reflection

It’s Saturday the 25th of March 2023 and I am in the car park, before heading into the Tea Tree Gully Library. I have been looking forward to the “See The Kindness” book launch, but the nerves start to hit. I walk into the library, and I am warmly greeted by Sophia from the Tea […]