I have often mentioned that my school journey has not been an easy one, with its many challenges.

Saying that, I have always had an old friend with me from kindy to my first year of university; a love for creative arts.

Tonight, I am reflecting on the beautiful people from my early childcare days, who nurtured this shy kid and also took the time to encourage my creative side. I was proud to have completed my Certificate III, in Early Education and Childcare with a beautifully inspiring teacher.

What a treat it was to spend 120 hours of placement time working with passionate people who were setting the early foundation for such young learners.

I feel so fortunate to be able to share a journey. Later this year I will be taking that old friend on the road with me!

Pack the car Sandy Russo – Sandy and I are putting together a very special “See The Kindness” – Creative Art workshop, where we would like to connect with struggling learners.

We will be using “See The Kindness” as the basis of the workshop. Sandy and I are looking forward to seeing you there!

More details to follow.