My Friend Gabbi Reflects on the Tea Tree Gully Youth Achievement Awards 2023

Recently, I nominated my friend, Hayley Frazer, for the Tea Tree Gully Youth Awards 2023.

Hayley Frazer is an amazing South Australian young writer, an inspiration, and an amazing individual. Her passion for telling stories, her courage, and her kindness should not be overlooked.

In the past 3 years, she has worked tirelessly to publish 2 books and an activity book, ran her own workshops, collaborated with the Tea Tree Gully Library and much more! Her writings remind us, that it’s OK to be different.

As someone who lives with dysgraphia and dyslexia, Hayley hopes that by sharing her life experiences and through storytelling, can inspire others to pursue their dreams!

I believe that Hayley’s determination and dedication within her writing truly define her work, as each story carries a message of hope in a world of diversity.

Before publishing, Hayley, like many others, believed that her dysgraphia and dyslexia were major barriers. However, Hayley, through many opportunities, including writings, collaborations, and public speaking opportunities, now sees that her “barriers” have become her “super strengths.” Seeing this through a different lens, Hayley now strives to reach out and help other young people!

At the age of 15, she self-published her first book “Something A Little Different,” which explored the topics of friendship, resilience, and cherishing our differences. She has truly brought attention to important issues in people’s lives.

Throughout her writing, Hayley has found herself not only a place in this world, but on the shelves of libraries and included in the South Australian Premier’s Reading Challenge list. With help from local member Blair Boyer MP, kids across South Australia can read her book!

This year, Hayley released her second book, “See the Kindness”, and has also teased about multiple ongoing projects! Through all of her writings, I have witnessed Hayley become an amazing woman who’s developed her ability to connect with others while creating captivating stories.

Congratulations on winning Hayley, I can’t wait to see you continue your journey!