‘THE MAGIC TRAM’ – Conductor 647

I am someone who loves stories and can listen to some of them over and over again. I also love to write my own stories (even though I can sometimes struggle with what to write when lacking direction), but this time is special as I am looking forward to illustrating my own book!

I was so delighted with how ‘See the Kindness’ was received, and it got me thinking about what was going to be my next book – I decided it was going to be about a ‘Magic Tram’ with some particularly true roots.

When I manged to release ‘Something A Little Different’ I found it had an interesting effect on my grandfather. He started sending me videos about his life journey on the Adelaide Public transport system from years gone by.  He also started making videos located at train and tram stations where he used to work as a young fellow.

My grandfather loved working on the trams including driving one of the last trams to Prospect. This was also on the last day of trams running in Adelaide back in December 1957, before they were replaced by buses.

In my story of ‘The Magic Tram’ my grandfather will be the tram conductor. I am hoping you can come with me on a magical journey of authenticity, humour and little bit of embarrassment (experienced by my grandfather) that should be celebrated.

Although this will be a children’s story, I am hoping that no matter your age, you might enjoy this story, as we go on an amazing adventure.  We will meet some interesting characters in these stories who will tell tales which are humorous and heartwarming, and have (surprisingly)  survived the test of time.  

See you soon for STOP TWO!