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 Hayley Frazer has found her place in the world by overcoming adversity living with dyslexia and dysgraphia and hopes that by sharing her life experiences and through storytelling, she can inspire others.


Hayley’s book, Something a Little Different, is a story that reflects her innate love and respect for others through her unique, different lens.

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Who We Are & What We Do

An artist, writer, and storyteller, Hayley dipped her toes into the world of self-publishing at the tender age of 15, having released her first book, Something A Little Different, a story exploring topics of friendship, resilience, and cherishing our differences. An instant hit, she was invited to various media interviews across Australia, eventually agreeing on a debut at the Tea Tree Gully Library in February 2020, later giving a presentation at the Marion Library and Roxby Community Library.

Beyond her writing prowess, Hayley captured attention for her deep insight into life with dyslexia and dysgraphia, ability to connect with others, and knack for captivating storytelling. From education expos, bullying workshops, and school speeches to library talks, as well as interactive storytelling sessions in conjunction with Tea Tree Gully Council’s Youth Development Team, Hayley has morphed into a vibrant, passionate speaker, having achieved her Certificate III In Early Childcare Education & Care.

Our Supporters

Hayley is incredibly grateful to have supporters spanning the far corners of Australia, including Senior South Australian of the Year, Mark Le Messurier. A stellar influence on Hayley, Mark encouraged the release of Something A Little Different, invited her to co-facilitate What’s the Buzz? workshops, and gave a hat-tip to Hayley’s journey on YouTube – a series of incredible experiences.

Hayley has also received remarkable support from local member Blair Boyer MP. Releasing Hayley’s activity book Having Fun with Something A Little Different,  successfully advocating for her original book Something A Little Different to be entered into the South Australian Premiers Reading Challenge and inviting her to the South Australia’s Parliament House to meet the chief librarian, Hayley looks back on all that Blair has done with delight.

The Special Education Resource Unit (SERU) have had the pleasure of supporting Hayley, with school and community projects, since 2017. SERU are proud supporters of Hayley’s achievements and wait with anticipation for her future projects.

We are also thankful to the Tea Tree Gully Library for their continued support for a budding author, opening their resources to help Hayley grow.

Hayley has been on a challenging learning journey and thanks to her support networks, she has managed to reach out and help other young people. Hayley has achieved this through her talks or individually discussing issues with those who may be facing similar challenges, access the education sector.  In 2022, Hayley will be introducing her biannual Valued Supporter Award
Through this award, Hayley would like to recognize individuals, organisation, education programs or even teachers who have inspired her learning and supported her to make a difference in the community.
Hayley is looking forward to announcing the inaugural winner in April 2022.

Products & Services

Something a Little Different Book

Something a Little Different is a story about differences, values and courage. Jonnie is an offbeat teenager who lives life on his own terms, but some don’t like that. At school, he discovers a young boy being bullied and must make a difficult choice.

This story is cleverly crafted by Hayley Frazer, a South Australian teen who is a little quirky herself – and proud of it! Hayley’s message of hope and acceptance, in a world of diversity, has been inspired by her own struggles with dyslexia.


Having Fun with Something A Little Different Book

It’s here! Hayley Frazer’s latest release, Having Fun with Something A Little Different, has put a unique spin on traditional activity books, weaving her values into a fun-filled book of excitement. Targeted at junior primary students, this book goes hand-in-hand with Something A Little Different, a shortlisted entry for Speech Pathology Australia 2020 Book of the Year.
A thrilling collaboration between Hayley Frazer and Lauren Eldridge Murray, a South Australian artist, this book offers an important message to early learners about resilience, acceptance, and differences, with one key takeaway; value each other’s differences – it’s what makes them… them.

Public Speaking

Hayley isn’t just a public speaker. With a knack for connecting with children, delivering age-appropriate stories, and teasing open lines of communication, Hayley is known for starting important conversations. Now available for school or kindergarten talks, whether in-person or virtual, she’s happy to discuss her learning journey, book and/or conduct a learning/activity session with students of all ages.

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And a little about her achievements? The recipient of a Tea Tree Gully Council’s Youth Achievement Award, a shortlist for the Speech Pathology 2020 Book of the Year in the 8-10 age category, and part of the 2022 South Australian Premiers’ Reading Challenge and  2021 Victorians Premiers’ Reading Challenge, Hayley has already added some extraordinary achievements to her belt – with no sign of stopping. 

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