Tram Stop 3 – Statewide Inclusive Education Services – SIES (formerly SERU)

“Embarking on new journeys, The Magical Tram weaves a path of kindness and inclusion, from the heart of Adelaide to the shores of Henley Beach.”

A Journey of Inclusion and Resilience

In the old Municipal Tramways Trust (MTT) depot on Angas Street in Adelaide, Hayley stood reflecting on her learning journey The echoes of trams from a bygone era carried stories, their tracks a metaphor for life’s journey. The call of the sea beckoned her towards Henley Beach.

The tram conductor’s whistle broke the silence, and with a cheerful ding, The Magical Tram sprang to life. “Today, we embark on a new route to Henley Beach,” announced Tram Conductor 647, his voice filled with anticipation.

As the magical tram navigated through Grenfell Street, it left behind a shimmering trail of magical energy and goodwill. Hayley recalled her participation in The Inclusive Expo in 2020, where she shared her educational journey with educators. She remembered mentoring younger students, especially those with unique learning needs, reassuring them that brighter days lay ahead.

She also reflected on her debut author talk where she spoke about her learning challenges and her book, ‘Something A Little Different’. A letter from Candice, who had witnessed Hayley’s amazing growth, appeared in Hayley’s hand like magic. The letter highlighted Hayley’s invaluable contribution to the 2020 Inclusive Education Expo.

Hayley’s journey began when she was in year 7. It started with academic hurdles, a supportive team at Statewide Inclusive Education Services (SIES), and the C-PEN Reader that illuminated her path. The ‘Read Write & Gold Program’ unlocked new possibilities for her.

Hayley has always been about kindness and inclusion much like the wonderful people of the SIES have had the pleasure of supporting Hayley with school and community projects since 2017. Interestingly, SIES is located on Marlborough Street in Henley Beach, within walking distance from the old Henley Beach tram line, adding another layer of connection between Hayley, the tram, and her journey of inclusion.

One memorable moment was at the “See the Kindness” book launch held at the Tea Tree Gully Library, where Hayley and Candice stood together, presenting their shared vision of inclusion and kindness. This event symbolized their journey together, much like the tram’s journey along its historic route.

As The Magical Tram dinged the bell for departure, Tram Conductor 647 turned to Candice. “I never drove the Henley Beach Line during my MTT days,” he said. Candice smiled, “You are on The Magical Tram and today is your lucky day” And just like that, the crew was gone, but the magic of kindness and inclusion remained as they embarked on a new journey.

Celebrating Inclusion: ‘See The Kindness’ Book Launch

Hayley Frazer, alongside Candice from Statewide Inclusive Education Services, marked the launch of “See The Kindness” at the Tea Tree Gully Library. This event was not just a celebration of a new story coming to life but also a testament to the inclusive spirit that Hayley embodies in her work.