The 2024 Victoria Premier’s Reading Challenge is Upon Us!

Hayley Frazer is delighted to share that her book, ‘Something a Little Different’, is featured once again in this year’s Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. A special shout-out goes to all the Year 3 and 4 students, teachers, and parents who are embarking on this literary adventure where ‘Something A Little Different is one of the […]

Tram Stop 3 – Statewide Inclusive Education Services – SIES (formerly SERU)

“Embarking on new journeys, The Magical Tram weaves a path of kindness and inclusion, from the heart of Adelaide to the shores of Henley Beach.” A Journey of Inclusion and Resilience In the old Municipal Tramways Trust (MTT) depot on Angas Street in Adelaide, Hayley stood reflecting on her learning journey The echoes of trams […]

Tram Stop 2 – Golden Grove Lutheran Primary (GGLPS)

Stop 2: Hayley’s Magical Tram Stop Journey ‘The Magical Tram’ is ready for departure! The tram conductor stands out in his smart uniform, a nod to the bygone days of Adelaide’s MTT. On his hat, the number 647 gleams, a badge of honour that speaks of his pride in the job. With a flourish, he blows the […]