Don’t let educational challenges slow you down!

Shortly I will be starting a new learning journey and will need to embrace new challenges and opportunities. I am not sure how things will go but I am excited about my new adventures!

In 2022 was proud to have finished my SACE and obtain my Certificate III in education and childcare in year 11.  I was never going to be a top-notch student but realised that I had a number of strengths.  It was at 15 years of age where I learnt so much about myself.

Over the years I’ve had the most awesome experiences working with Mark Le Messurier and his daughter Noni facilitating “What’s the Buzz”, stage managing a major school production (yes that was a little stressful), releasing “Something A Little Different” and doing a Youth Program with the Tea Tree Gully Council.

Through all these wonderful times, dyslexia and dysgraphia didn’t act as a barrier – they were instead my super strength!

I am really keen to get out and revisit some of my teachers who found a way to help this shy dyslexic kid with dysgraphia look through a different lens, and find a positive way to progress through my educational journey.