Join me on a new adventure as we wait at the station and board “The Magic Tram”

A few months ago, I attended a book launch at the Tea Tree Gully Library, and I recall a person saying ‘we all have a book in us’. The only problem is producing high-quality books is no easy task, and often there is a limited return.

Now saying that, in writing a book you can let loose your imagination and create a beautiful story, and once you get your book in your hand it is an amazing feeling!

I just love people who are good storytellers and, in my books, you will find a lot of me in them. But this time I will be going on a magical journey and sharing some wonderful experiences from the past.

I will be retelling some wonderful memories from someone close to me, but this time I will need to collect some passengers on the journey.

I hope you can come on a journey with me as I board the “Magic Tram.” Join me on a journey of storytelling as we head to the Mitcham bus terminus from days past.  We will pick up a special passenger and then we will pick up the driver, who will share some experiences from days gone by.

Join me on this adventure as I bring a new story to life!  

Photo State Library of South Australia 

Glenelg to City Tram [B 69282/354] • Photograph